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So, how do you make this kind of work? How do you create paintings that engage the viewer in this way?

The first step is to stop ‘painting a painting.’ To embrace the process of exploration.

Let’s be honest, as awesome as it is to create art, there are days/weeks/months that serve up challenges like broken biscuits on fancy silver plates.

So, how do you make the most of your time in the studio? Better yet, how do you find clarity in your studio practice?

Purpose, direction, and “experiencing” are stand-out ingredients in finding success whether taking a class for the first time or preparing work for your umpteenth show. 

Improvement and success aren’t about luck, taking the “right” workshop, or buying the right easel. It’s a logical and reflective process about what you’re creating –and why. It is about being present with the process of making, of exploring that builds layers.

I was fortunate to study with two artists in particular, who gave exceptional guidance. 

Who, in my early days of learning to paint:

  • Challenged me to move beyond skill-building
  • Allowed me to inquire more deeply into their studio practice
  • Never placed heavy hands on my developing style (which allowed my voice to emerge)

I have never forgotten these experiences. 


Is this workshop a fit for you?:

  • You’ve participated in courses that were technique or project-based but now feel the itch to forge your own path in the creation of your art.
  • You’ve studied with me before and are ready for the next step in your art journey
  • You’re inspired by how artists you’ve admired found their voice and continue to create work that’s unique to them.
  • You feel you would benefit from being in a small group of like-minded artists who are exploring their own unique path.
  • You want to create art that has deep resonance for you – that tells your story or explores an idea that you feel deeply inspired by.
  • You are hungry, hungry for art dialogue that cover creative feeding ideas and perspectives. (e.g, guest speakers, salon talks)

If you answered yes to any of the above, I truly believe this course is for you. 

Join me and let’s dive into the work you are called to make!


Monday -Saturday  

morning and afternoon blocks

daily evening material

+ bonus: guest lecture


Email me with questions or if you find yourself incredibly curious I’m happy to schedule a quick call to discuss.

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