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In-Person Monthly Group

Monthly Atelier:

Sessions at the Studio

Next: June 4, 11, 18     Upcoming: July 2, 9, 16     

Denver area artists… I’ve started a small, in-studio, Atelier Group meeting monthly in my studio on Pennsylvania Street. 

This is an excellent opportunity to get in-the-throes-of-painting feedback and inspire your artistic growth within a community of peers.

In addition to support with your personal painting projects each month, I present topics, exercises, etc. and challenge you to experiment with new concepts. The instruction flow is organic and responsive to the group, keeping priority on your time at the easel.

Each session starts the first Tuesday of the month.

        Week 1: Full working studio day (9am-4pm)

        Week 2: Virtual group critique session (2hr)

        Week 3: Full working studio day (9am-4pm).



*Limited to 5 artists (currently 1 spot available)

190 S. Pennsylvania St

Denver, CO


Without a doubt, the most impactful instruction I’ve experienced—leading to the most notable growth— has been through the momentum, camaraderie, and real-time feedback from ongoing monthly painting groups.

Contact me directly to enroll

(303) 653-1455

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