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Saturday Sessions

Registration Open July 15

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I’ve been putting a lot of focus on clouds recently and came to realize that for years I had been adding clouds into my paintings without fully exploring the intricacies and subtleties that they offer. Whether composing a full stage cloudscape or their supporting role in a scene, adding intention to the way clouds are created has elevated my work. 

Are you finding your clouds flat and lifeless? Muddy colored with no connection to the rest of your painting? In this 2 hour workshop I’ll share the tips and techniques I use to add a whole new area of interest to your paintings. Let’s take a focused look at creating proper value and interesting color- Keep those clouds away from dingy grey!

Key points we’ll address

❍ The Block in

❍  Shape Construction 

❍  Color Mixing with a Limited Palette

❍  Temperature

❍  Luminosity

Live 2-Hr Zoom

Cost: $120

A zoom link will be sent to your inbox Saturday morning prior to start

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