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About the program

Welcome to MasterStudio, an intensive, immersive workshop experience for artists ready to elevate their processes and art. As your instructor, it’s my joy to tap into what naturally motivates you – subject matter, painting style, personal story…(the list goes on) and guide you towards progress. I care deeply for my students and their progress, and together, we create a type of road map to discover your natural creative voice. This 5-day workshop will give us the opportunity to work in such a way that I tailor my approach to suit your needs. We partner our exploration with journal writing, narrowing down and selecting best reference images (35K iPhone images and counting, anyone???!), how to focus on the most important elements within them, and how to leverage compositional elements to relay your vision as you complete a compelling painting.

Our time together wraps up with the traditional end-of-class ceremony of stepping back from our pieces and sharing them with the group. Reflecting on the process, insights in the trenches, and welcoming new elements in our work—perhaps even a new direction.

I am fueled by consistent curiosity and love for your journey, focusing on fostering your growth beyond technique.

What to Expect

Embrace exploration in your painting.

To truly engage your viewer you must stop “painting a painting.” Find purpose, direction and success in the studio by embracing a curious and reflective process. Learn to be present with the process of making, of exploring that which builds layers and enriches your work. This week is designed  to move you beyond skill-building, encourage you to inquire deeply about intention vs autopilot within your studio practice, and gently guide you in cultivating your own success. 

Is this Workshop for You?


Daily Schedule (Mon-Fri)

The days are broken into three blocks: 

9am-12pm Presentation/Group Discussions/Exercises

12pm-2pm Free time – a break for lunch and “solo time”  

2pm-4pm Time at your easel with personal instruction

At the end of each day you will receive ~30minutes of material to watch or prep for the next day.


*MasterStudio includes a post-workshop follow up/feedback session scheduled as a group

In Person Attendance

Cost: $1,400

To fully accommodate students, I am limiting the class to 5 in-person attendees. We will work together in my studio in Denver CO.

Virtual Attendance

Cost: $1,100

Join us for the welcome session and all lessons live via Zoom. Stephanie will spend the same 1-on-1 time with you during the class hours…as if you were here!

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