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Composition Workshop

Composition Summer Camp

2-day (+ eve) In-person or Virtual

About the Workshop

If you’ve ever struggled with composition, let’s talk. If you want better paintings, let’s really talk.

My guess is there are unanswered questions lurking, like

  • I don’t like overthinking it –Do I have to use composition?
  • How do you know which composition to use?
  • Doesn’t the “Rule of Thirds” work for everything?
  • What’s the “Rule of Thirds…?
  • What do you even mean by “composition”..?? (secretly held question)

I have a really curious mind as well 😉

Which led to the search for what makes a painting “good”, whether or not you could train your eye to ‘decode’ beautiful masterworks as well as other paintings that catch your eye–and more importantly, begin to decode your own.

Over this weekend together, we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting IN to this. Our time is spent solely on the elements of deign and composition, not the process or act of making a painting. I’ve got a grab bag of exercises to introduce and/or reinforce the concepts of balance, rhythm, emphasis, repetition, positive/negative space, quiet corners, foundational grids, and more.

By the time we wrap up, your creative brain will feel well-oiled to get home, pick up your brushes and GO!

Because when you have a well-composed painting, it really does almost paint itself…(we love that)

What to Expect

Friday: 6:30pm-8:30pm

*Meet & Greet for everyone, Tech Check for virtual students.

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am-3:00pm

12-1pm break

In Person Attendance

Cost: $400

To fully accommodate students, I am limiting the class to 5 in-person attendees. We’ll be together in my studio in Denver CO. On the evening prior, you’ll bring all your gear over to get set up.

Virtual Attendance

Cost: $325

Join us for the welcome session and all lessons via a Zoom session. Stephanie works with you individually throughout class hours… as if you were here!

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